You Want Fast? We'll Show You Fast!

If it's blowing 25 knots true and we don't hit at least 15 knots, the whole dang charter is 'on the boat'! You want dry, smooth, flat and warm? We can guarantee that also. Who but a Profligate would make such ridiculous offers?

Summer is the perfect time to take your friends and/or compatriots on a fast evening sailing tour of the Bay. In a typical 2.5 hour evening sail, we do Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge, the City Front, back and forth across the Bay, Alcatraz, Angel Island and Raccoon Strait. You get speed and tranquility, urbanity and nature, all in one little charter.

Alas, speed and sailing comfort don't come cheap. A six-person charter is $500 for the 2.5 hour minimum. Legitimate bareboat charters for up to 12 people can also be arranged starting at $1,000 for 2.5 hours. Very limited availability. Hablamos Español for charters in Mexico this winter. For more information, send an email to Richard.

Looking for a less expensive catamaran experience on San Francisco Bay?

Try our good friends with the 39-foot Apparition, 55-foot Adventure Cat, or 65-foot Sea Raven. They may not be willing to guarantee 15 knots, but they give good charter, too.

Cost-Sharing Adventures: These are non-charter situations where groups of people volunteer to contribute to offset expenses in events such as the Baja Ha-Ha.

Delivery Volunteers: From time to time we can use help moving Profligate from one place to another, such as San Francisco to Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara to San Diego, Cabo to Puerto Vallarta, or on various legs from Mexico back to San Francisco. If you're interested, send your email address to Richard and we'll put you on our list.










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